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Bill Changers

120 Dollar Capacity Change Machine

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The AV1050CM is our most economical change machine. This professional bill changer is perfectly suited for small vending locations. This model changes $1 or $5 bills and features a change catcher which has a $120 quarter capacity. Set the payout to either quarters OR tokens. The coin catcher provides an easy and attractive way to retrieve coins.The CM1050 change machine is a high quality bill changer and is manufactured in the US.

About Our Premium AV1050CM Coin Changer

The AV1050CM is durable for years of trouble free service, and features a $125 capacity. This changer accepts $1 or $5 bills and dispenses quarters (or quarters, dimes and nickles). This bill changer is ideal for small vending locations. It includes features normally found on more expensive machines such as a change catcher - the only change machine in its class to do so. The “Sold Out” light tells customers that the machine is ready for service. Dual steel locks and all steel construction. This is an ideal changer for low volume, small vending operations. Offer your customers the convenience of bill changers and your sales will increase!

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