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Laundry Vending Machines

AVSE500 Laundry Vending Machine

$649 USD Call Now For Free Shipping Quote!

Electronic wall mount laundry vending machine – so attractive and so easy for your customers! Accepts coins up to $99.95. Dual locks for security and locking coin box.

Profit From Overlooked Laundry Vending Locations

Many vending operators overlook non-traditional vending locations, and miss out on a considerable amount of potential profit from laundromats, dorms, or other locations with a shared laundry center.  The advantages of detergent vending are very similar to those of our drug vending machines.  The typical product shelf-life is considerably longer than those of traditional vending venues which require regular product rotation to insure that customers are vended fresh food items.  Detergent vended from a vending machine may have been in your inventory for three-months when you last got an optimum deal and stocked up, further enabling you to increase your profit margin.

Key Features: